Color Chart: A: Purple  B: Black  C: Pink  D: Yellow

SC ONLY.  Turn and Ch1 before starting the first row and each row there-after.
Left-handed Instructions:  Crochet by reading the instructions backwards.
Tunisian Instructions:
Read every other row backwards, paying special attention to image view.
Gauge: 4sc per inch.
Word Chart Instructions:                                                                                                                         *This chart is designed from the top down with single crochet.   If you wish to crochet it from the bottom up, you may start at the last row (like reading a book) and work your way back up, paying special attention to the image for the "right" side. 

Chain 40 (colors of your choice)
Row 1   (40)A
Row 2   (12)A, (16)B, (12)A
Row 3   (8)A, (5)B, (14)D, (5)B, (8)A
Row 4   (5)A, (4)B, (5)D, (12)B, (5)D, (4)B, (5)A
Row 5   (5)A, (1)B, (5)D, (4)B, (10)A, (5)B, (4)D, (1)B, (5)A
Row 6   (5)A, (4)B, (5)D, (12)B, (5)D, (4)B, (5)A
Row 7   (8)A, (5)B, (14)D, (5)B, (8)A
Row 8   (12)A, (16)B, (12)A
Row 9   (40)A
Row 10   (7)A, (8)B, (9)A, (8)B, (8)A
Row 11   (7)A, (2)B, (6)C, (3)B, (5)A, (3)B, (6)C, (2)B, (6)A
Row 12   (5)A, (2)B, (9)C, (2)B, (3)A, (2)B, (9)C, (2)B, (6)A
Row 13   (5)A, (2)B, (11)C, (2)B, (1)A, (2)B, (11)C, (2)B, (4)A
Row 14   (4)A, (1)B, (13)C, (3)B, (13)C, (1)B, (5)A
Row 15   (4)A, (2)B, (14)C, (1)B, (14)C, (2)B, (3)A
Row 16   (3)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (4)A
Row 17   (4)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (3)A
Row 18   (3)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (4)A
Row 19   (4)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (3)A
Row 20   (3)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (4)A
Row 21   (4)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (3)A
Row 22   (3)A, (1)B, (31)C, (1)B, (4)A
Row 23   (4)A, (2)B, (29)C, (2)B, (3)A
Row 24   (4)A, (1)B, (29)C, (1)B, (5)A
Row 25   (5)A, (2)B, (27)C, (2)B, (4)A
Row 26   (5)A, (1)B, (27)C, (1)B, (6)A
Row 27   (6)A, (2)B, (25)C, (2)B, (5)A
Row 28   (6)A, (2)B, (23)C, (2)B, (7)A
Row 29   (8)A, (2)B, (21)C, (2)B, (7)A
Row 30   (8)A, (2)B, (19)C, (2)B, (9)A
Row 31   (10)A, (2)B, (17)C, (2)B, (9)A
Row 32   (10)A, (2)B, (15)C, (2)B, (11)A
Row 33   (12)A, (2)B, (13)C, (2)B, (11)A
Row 34   (12)A, (2)B, (11)C, (2)B, (13)A
Row 35   (14)A, (2)B, (9)C, (2)B, (13)A
Row 36   (14)A, (2)B, (7)C, (2)B, (15)A
Row 37   (16)A, (2)B, (5)C, (2)B, (15)A
Row 38   (16)A, (2)B, (3)C, (2)B, (17)A
Row 39   (18)A, (2)B, (1)C, (2)B, (17)A
Row 40   (18)A, (3)B, (19)A

What does a Word Chart consist of?

A word chart is a set of instructions that allows one to crochet an image without counting squares.  The instructions involve all of the tiny graph squares already counted so you don't have to do the work yourself.  Each word chart comes  with a large image for visual aid, a recommended color/yarn list (for some) and a set of instructions to crochet your image.
What do I need to start my word chart?
1.  You need will need a word chart.  You can find one already made or request an image to be processed please email us at
If this is your first time, why not try the lady bug freebie above or check out
2. You'll need recommended yarn and hook.  With word charts, you will be given a shopping list so there's no second guessing the colors you need.  In the end you have the final say in what you buy!
3.You will need to know how to change colors in crochet. 
Below are a few YouTube videos that taught me how to change colors!
Simple 2 color changing.
Making a butterfly bobbin with no plastic/cardboard insert.
Attaching bobbins to color change.
How do I get my Word Chart?
All word charts have PayPal links directly off my website.  Once your payment posts, you will receive an email with a download link in it.  This link will provide you a large "graph-like" image and your pdf word chart.  You also have an option to save and download to a Cloud account!

IF you have not received your Word Chart download link within 15 minutes of your order, please check your spam box.  Still no Word Chart, email me at
What type of support will a newbie have with Word Charts?
All NEW Word Chart purchasers will receive a response email after their purchase directly from me.    This email will include a members only link to a support group on FB.                                                              It will allow you to join an amazing group of Word Chart purchasers for support with all of your Word Chart questions.  You will never be left alone during your adventures in Word Charts.
Are you ready to begin?
Let the Word Chart fun begin!  We hope to see you soon in our members only group for Crochet Word Charts!
Custom Requests:
***FREE***  Halo Heart Pillow Panel Word Chart   ***FREE***
40sc x 40sc
Crochet and Photograph by Karrie W.
(In memory of her grandfather)
Word Chart 101
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